Should I even be attempting this??? I've played about a year and I learned sweeping about a month ago. As it stands, I think I'm doing ok with learning this solo, but it seems so far out of reach that at times during practice I felt like I might want to shelf this for a while. Thoughts?
Ive been playing three years and would not be able to do that most probably. But give it ya best shot ul get ther in the end. (Im bad at soloing i play rythem mostly )

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My way of thinking was that if I can do this solo at half tempo, then I'll be doing pretty good for myself.
Yer give it a try i might 2moz now ive seen it But try it slow and slowely build it up and see how fast you can get it going.

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Gone digital! NI audio 8 into guitar rig and ableton live!

there's no way you could do that after a year, i've been playing a little more than 1½ years and there's no way i would even atempt that,

Good luck anyways :P
it would be a very good thing to learn to help you with sweeping, but you probably won't be able to learn it quickly. i suggest trying it, and you'll find that your sweeping improves.
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well,, i can play it at 35% of speed ( LOL )
i play for a year, but meh, i'm no example for no one, i can't even play master of puppet's 2nd solo
I can't play Master of Puppets very well at all. I can alternate pick the riffs, but I can never get them down picked. I guess everyone is better then me at something.

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I wish that was me. I can play that at around 80 bpm, but the song is written at 170.

To the guy who said it would help my sweeping in general - yes, it has. I've played around with sweeping in my own little solos and now that I come back to them, I can play a lot of the passages much cleaner then before. I memorized the movements and I had to retab it a little bit to make my movements more economical, so I hope to get better at it sometime.
I have been playing for 6 years and i don't think i can play that easily.
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Everytime you pick up the guitar and you're all warmed up, just spend like 10-15 minutes practicing the sweeps in the solo. They're pretty fast, but I think its just 3 or 4 different sweep shapes. Don't play it that fast, just do it at whatever speed you can play it cleanly. And then move on and play whatever else it is that you play or practice. And maybe try it again before you finish playing. Thats some pretty fast sweeping for one year of playing, but for all i know you could be a sweep god, but either way, I guarantee if you just spend 15 minutes of practicing that everytime you play ur guitar, after a few weeks or so you should have it down close to top speed (depending on how far along you are now).
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I can tell you right off - I'm not a sweep god. I'm getting better faster then I expected, but it'll be long time before I play this at tempo. Thanks for the advice. I'm definitely gonna practice this more - it's pretty fun to rip it out even at a third of it's tempo. The only rough bit is trying to get the last run in each repetition clean - there's a jump that sounds terrible if I slide it, so I'm going to have to use a fast legato run to get it clean.
Time you've been playing means nothing. But in general, the skills and co-ordination required to play that quickly aren't developed in a year. However, it's only a couple of arp patterns, so i'd give it a go.
Been playing for 6 years and I could probably play it, but would take some practice.

I wouldn't recommend starting this song to practice your sweeps. Although the sweeps look easy (they are simple if you can sweep good, I am decent) they will be hard to get down for a beginner. I recommend trying easier songs first to get used to sweeping a bit. The "Creeping Death" solo by Metallica has a good 3 String Am sweep that is AWESOME to develop technique on. Then I'd try something like the sweeping section from Canon Rock.

It's possible dude, but you need to develop the technique before you dive in
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