Hey all,

I'm really new to modding gear at all (prior to this, the closest thing I have to modding experience is adding springs to the back of my strat and adjuting action/intonation/pickup height). I'm adding a push/pull to turn on the bridge pickup enabling two more sounds. I am using these schematics from Seymour Duncan's site:

Stock Strat:

Modded Strat:

So, my question seems very noobish but here goes. I took out all the screws out of the pickguard and removed the strings, but noticed that the pickguard was catching on the fretboard. I have a 22 fret Highway One strat, so some of the fretboard covers the pickguard. Is there a good way around this? Do I have to remove the neck?

Sorry for the long post, any help or general words of advice is greatly appreciated.
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You might have to loosen your neck a bit so you can slide the pickguard out but you shouldn't have to take the whole neck off.
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