Hey guys! I have another round of stuff for you to buy!

First is a 1X12 Peavey Valveking, used condition, something is a little messed up, I'm pretty sure it just needs retubed and there may be a loose connection in it somewhere, it powers up fine and it usually works perfectly, but occasionally the sound starts to die and it makes a weird popping noise sometimes. I'm asking 200 for it plus actual shipping, but I may go down to 175 if you ask nicely.

Next is a Crate 15 watter, GLX something or other I think, works fine, definitely used, but like all crate amps I've played sounds like turds. asking 20 plus actual shipping.

I also have a Behringer EQ and a Wasabi Overdrive/boost (both used), asking 20 shipped for the behringer and 35 shipped for the wasabi.

Just ask for pics and I will get them up ASAP, but keep in mind I'm not on UG too much anymore.

I will only accept paypal and I will only ship to the continental US.

thanks for looking, please buy my stuff, haha.
What can you tell me about the Wasabi pedal?
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have you had the VK checked by a tech?

No man, I haven't, I don't even know where the nearest amp tech is. The closest thing to me is a guitar center an hour away and I'm not sure if those dudes know what they're doing.

Quote by souperman08
What can you tell me about the Wasabi pedal?

It's an overdrive/boost pedal (a footswitch for both functions), has a few different overdrive sounds (good for classic rock, it doesn't really get to metal but it would sound amazing cranked through a nice amp) a few different preset EQ settings, a gain knob, and you can choose between 5 dB or 10 dB of boost. And there is a plastic piece over one of the LED indicator lights that came off the first day I got it, I have it taped and it doesn't affect the functionality of the pedal at all.
if you are willing to go lower on the amp give me a holler

I could probably go lower on the amp, and I might do trades, what do you guys have in mind?
Any interest in an Agile Valkyrie with Dimarzio PAF Classic and Humbucker from Hell pickups installed for the Valveking.
Actually, I would be VERY interested in that trade. What is the finish on it and I'm assuming the humbucker from hell is in the bridge?
If you wanna PM me your email I will shoot you some pics. Actually the Humbucker from Hell is in the neck. It can be a bridge or neck, but the PAF Classic is in the bridge on this one.
Can you post a clip of the Crate Amp maybe? Almost anything would be better than what I've got now...
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