I don't know if any of you have picked up the new Sick Puppies CD Tri-Polar yet but it is simply amazing. It has amazing vocals and in your face guitar riffs. I've not heard this good of a sound out of a band for a while. Not to say anothers aren't great, they are but I do believe in sharing the likes of other great artist and Sick Puppies has really blown me away with this new album

Tri-Polar in stores NOW!

I've seen these guys on Last.fm a few times. I'll check out the album.
War is a cool song.
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You are obviously linked to the band and trying to flog a product. If you're going to do that at least make sure it's a good one. Tri-polar is truly awful. If it's the best you have heard in a while I truly pity you. The thread shouldn't be in Alt/Indie anyway.