Just bought myself a Strat VG, and it is fantastic!
I'm only a home player, just doing it for myself, y'now, but it ticks all the boxes.
Got my Strat, gt a Tele, got Les Paul-type, got my acoustis, and lookie here, I've got me a 12 string acoustic.
And don't forget all the differant tunings..(drop D, open G etc...)

Anyone else got one?
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I tried one and it was nice but I just really couldn't bring myself to get it.

I see it as a jack of all trades but master of none guitar.

I prefer my American strat.

Happy New Guitar Day Though? lol
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they sound bad to me
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I have a feeling if it will only sound good in the store for me and I go to buy it, it will suck when I bring it home.
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