One time Jimi Hendrix was playing All Along the Watchtower on the Isle of Wight concert, and during the solo his wah went crazy and started making all these wild noises. Does anyone know specifically what happened there, and how I can get my wah to do that?
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Im guessing but maybe it was an Fuzz/Octive Pedal.
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circuit broke apart from excessive use maybe

You mean KHS, Kirk Hammett Syndrome

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A wah pedal helps induce feedback. He's using alot of gain from the amp as well as alot of octave fuzz. I think he put the wah before the octave fuzz and thats what's making it really high and screechy. I don't think its a problem with the wah's circuitry.

This is what I think in short:

guitar -> wah -> octave fuzz -> amp
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That's it? I just have to crank the distortion on my amp, put the wah first and the octave fuzz second, and turn on the wah? The only thing that still bugs me about this is that you can see him saying something like, "Wah wah, get me a new wah pedal" during the solo. So if his wah needed to be replaced, wouldn't the unusual sound be coming from only there, instead of his entire rig?
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I have a name. It is Mitch.
A little OT here. But you know your good when you can play guitar, sing and chew gum all at the same time. From the looks of that video he's got a big piece of gum in his mouth.
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God I love Hendrix's playing so much when he's not dicking around and making weird noises.