Just a thread about your guitar shopping nightmares!

So today, I walked into Guitar Center. Normal, pretty laxed business. Same environment. Not much has changed. Call me a total noob, but this was the first time I actually got to sit down and play some guitars.

I found two of the guitars on my list. Schecter Hellraiser C-1 and ESP EC-1000. There were about 15 guitars on my list.

Right away I noticed on the EC-1000 models, strings were missing and the tone knobs had been taken off. What kind of quality is that? I can't take a guitar for a spin with strings and knobs missing. There were two, black cherry and vintage black. The vintage black made me want to throw up. Feeling so... gross against my skin. But it was only missing a knob, so this one was a "good" one. I was dissapointed.

So the Hellraiser, also missing a knob (the neck wasn't that bad actually. I didn't mind it.) But again, was not impressed.

The store doesn't keep C-1 Classics in stock. They had a C-1 A/E (Guitar Center Exclusive) which was a lot like a Cort M900, but with schecter's name on it. Piezzo, two Duncan pickups (I think Jazz and '59) and it was a semi hollow body. Loved it, actually. Definitely will keep that in mind.

Tried a few Epi's, but my hand would barely fit around the neck. But for whatever reason, the Epi's were in perfect shape, except the double neck, that I HAD to try out. I loved that. It was really fun to play, but knobs were missing, the strings were old, fretboard needed some love and the pickup plascticy stuff (you know that stuff you peel off when you get the guitar?) was coming off, not that it really mattered. But it showed that it was sitting in there a long time. I would have taken it with me, it sounded great, which shocked me.

Then I made my way back to Gretsch. Heavennnn!!! Tried the 5120 and Gretsch Pro Jet. The pro jet was great.

There were no Jacksons. None. Besides the ESP EC-1000, there were two ESP F-50's. Besides the Hellraiser C-1, there was a C-1+, C-1 A/E and Tempest.

I wanted to tryout a guitar with a floyd on it. But all the guitars with a tremolo arm were way up high and for whatever reason the guys said "Just find the model without the tremolo arm for right now." So I skipped out on tremolo, full test drives and knobs.

Overall, I was not impressed whatsoever. If Guitar Center wasn't the closest place by me, I wouldn't ever shop there. We had this great place called DC Music. And they had all kinds of stuff. More than just Gibsons and Fenders. The Guitar Center almost seemed like a Wal-Mart music department. Nothing was really up to snuff.

Got any stories to tell about your nightmares?
Join the club. GC sucks.
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Quote by r0ckth3d34n
The Guitar Center almost seemed like a Wal-Mart music department.

this is true
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The only guitars that weren't battered or in crappy shape were the Gibsons, hanging fenders, and Epiphones.

Well those and the guitars wayyy up that the people there are too damn lazy to get.

There was an orange 5120, way up high and I wanted to try it out and he was like "uh... that's really high." So after searching in the computer for like 10 minutes he found there's a black one in the "Loud Room" and there was. But honestly, it would have taken a minute to get the damn guitar down.
i live in kind of a small town so all we got is n-tune and the dick there said i coudnt use a pick on a p.o.s dean , so in retaliation i stole all the jazz picks
cool story bro

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I feel for ya, all the places around here are pretty classy.

Course I live by Elderly...
I've never been this unlucky. I'm really glad that we don't have one in my town. Our local music store is pretty good.
I've never found a guitar in that store that was actually in tune. Especially the ones with Floyd Roses.

Love my local music store, though. They coo'.
What can you expect? Guitar Center is fairly lax with making sure their floor models are in good condition, mainly because it's a big chain store and douchebags that go in there f*ck with the guitars all the time.

Go to a smaller, non-chain store, and they will probably have their guitars in tip-top condition. This is because the people that shop at smaller stores tend to have respect for both the store and the instruments inside of it.
Well I mean, there's selection. But I was annoyed when they had a bunch of the same guitar but in different colors.

Sure, that's sorta what they are supposed to do, but you don't need two crappy ESP F-50 guitars hanging in a store.

DC Music actually had selection! Everything! And they were one small-ass store. You could buy Jackson, Jay Turser (sexy Les Paul styled solid bodies...), ESP, Schecter, Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Rickenbacker, PRS, Epiphone, Squier, Vox, EVH, B.C. Rich, Dean, Laguna, Washburn, Gretsch, Cort, Warwick, Peavy, Rogue and Yamaha. That's selection!

The Guitar Center had Gibson, Fender, Epi, Dean, B.C., Schecter, Gretsch, PRS, ESP and Ibanez. And if it wasn't Gibson or Fender, it wasn't a very high quality guitar or they didn't have many different models by the company. Not to mention that D.C. was half the size. Ridiculous.

We got a Solid body guitar down the road, but everything there is vintage and easily over $800.

Then there was this place I went two once, very small, but they had a bunch of different guitars. That was called Guitar Zone. It closed. I'm searching for other places closer to where I live. So far I've found American Guitar and Band, but that's like a half hour away. -_-
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I found two more stores that I'm definitely going to check out. One of them has an inventory of at least 100 guitars ("and 1 banjo!") at all times.

So that seems promising.

I'm gonna call both places and see what they carry (low end, middle, high end models, etc.), since they don't have online inventory... annoying...
Quote by r0ckth3d34n
I found two more stores that I'm definitely going to check out. One of them has an inventory of at least 100 guitars ("and 1 banjo!") at all times.

So that seems promising.

I'm gonna call both places and see what they carry (low end, middle, high end models, etc.), since they don't have online inventory... annoying...

how does that work?

will they not sell you a guitar till they've got one to replaceit immediatly?

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Well I went to the local music store in my town, guess how many guitars there was IN STOCK....2 or 3. 1 ibanez ad 1 cheap pink guitar.
What's wrong with guitar center? The only nightmare i can think of is that they didn't have a guitar that I was looking for. Oh yeah, they had a broken MXR m-169 stereo chorus. I was pissed, but it was there for ages. Some idiot was bound to screw it up, like the jack or something. That was the worst thing that happened to me at GC. Employees are nice and don't try to sell me spiders and MG's. I just say what I need, and they don't recommend things unless they really like it themselves. Like for my first guitar/amp, I said I wanted a black strat, and the guy got me a black strat. I said I need a good combo under $150 and he gave me a frontman 25R and said that's the best I'll do for that kind of money. And he was right.. He let me haggle.

I can never sympathize with people complaining about GC. never happened to me.
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hmmm.... my Gc is reasonably well maintained and the guitars aren't trashed. its not perfect but way better than some of the others i've heard about.
The people at my GC are nice. They just don't maintain their guitars.

And all the amps are MG's, Spiders and Peavy's.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how the hell an MG or a Peavy works. God damn amp makers trying to make an amp mixed with a multi effects pedal!!!

If I wan't more than 3 effects, I'll probably get an effects pedal. I don't need a dozen ****ty ones programmed into an amp.
I was at my GC the other day and everything was up to par. the only odd thing was that every guitar was tuned down a full step or in Drop C. It was odd. I tried Schecters, Epiphones, Fenders and ESP/LTD's and they were all in D Standard or Drop C (no problem with that, cause i normall play in those tunings anyway) it was just odd and it was about 15 minutes after they had opened, so the employees must've done it on purpose i guess. then i watched people "shredding" on spider 3's (the 75 watt ones) (worst noise i've ever heard) as i stayed quiet on the Mesa/boogie 5:25's. (on the 5 watt side, i dont like getting too loud.)
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I have to say the Guitar Centers I frequent in Mass and NH are not bad at all. When you see stuff like broken strings, missing knobs beat up guitars the manager and sales staff are not taking care of the store. I would send an Email off to their corporate office and explain how bad the guitars were kept.

I think when GC took on ESP/LTD they ditched Jackson none of my GCs have new Jacksons anymore.

My biggest complaint with GCs around here is their lack of used equipment in stock.

dont think theres a GC in scotland...

we have guitar guitar tho!

which is pretty overpriced

I get my stuff from a place called merchant city music

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I've never had anything really bad happen to me at a guitar center. The worst that's happened is that I went to go try out a guitar with a Floyd Rose or a guitar with an Ibanez Edge or ZR tremel. They were there, just without the whammy bars, except for the Gibson Les Paul Axcess, which had a broken floyd anyway. And when I asked for a whammy bar, the guy couldn't find them....but that's that. That's not a big problem. My guitar center has been good with me, gave me what I ask for, not tried to scam me, etc.
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