hey i dont know how many of you guys listen to the band wilco, but im a huge fan of them, ive been trying to sound more like jeff tweedy/nels cline.

I was wondering how you get the jagged solo style they have wat scales, techniques, etc. in songs like At least thats wat you said and the solo off spiders (kidsmoke), im the man who loves you, etc.

also the tones they used always has been tough to me, i have a gibson custom classic lp, an ibanez troubador amp, and a G2 Zoom Multi-Effects pedal, any ideas how i can get that tone?

any advice on how to do either would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!!!

peace and love!
Listen to their music. What do they do? Do that.
If you can't figure out what they do by looking at their music, you need to head on over to the theory sticky.
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Tweedy is a fairly basic rhythm player and soloist, but Nels Cline is a really smart, original player. He's style is based much more in jazz/experimental than in rock/country.
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sorry to resurrect a thread, but i cant resist helping someone with this. for nels, it's gonna be tough. you'll need to get similar gear to his, because a lot of his crazier solos rely on some of his weirder stuff - ie korg kaos pad. go to his site and you'll see what im saying.

as for jeff (which is what you wanted, given the songs you've noted), crank the treble, use some fuzz/light distortion, and that's pretty much it. and soloing like jeff - just use minor pentatonics cause that's how he rolls.
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