when you're fingerpicking and doing stuff with the thumb, where do you put your other fingers? i tend to rest them on the top 3 strings but when i do that it mutes them and doesn't let notes i played on them ring out
youre supposed incorporate all your fingers into the song, if not, dont rest them on other strings
i usually rest them on the bridge
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I use them for muting when they're not picking anything.

EDIT: I need to mute a lot when fingerpicking, I have no fingernails, so I get quite a bit of excess noise.
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94? Not bad. It shall improve >=)

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It really depends, there are so many variables that I can't give a single place that I rest a finger at any given time... that's a really broad question!
yeah haha this was a pretty stupid question; i shouldn't have posted this in the first place. i'm just going to practice with my hand not resting on anything; it's a bit harder but it's how it should be. thanks for the help though guys!
Yeah i was about to say, anchoring your hand is bad technique =) don't start a bad habit. It's too late for me!!!!!! Go on without me, save yourselves!
"yeah haha this was a pretty stupid question"

Not at all, it's a great question! I was just saying that it isn't specific enough!