so guys, chances are you might have heard me talk about pickups to get in my ibby. before, i thought i would just slap some GFS's in there for dirt cheap, but i recently heard about dimarzio making new pickups, john petrucci signatures. since ive always prayed for john petrucci tone, and the description seems to match what i want, i decided i would get the crunch lab in the bridge. i haven't seen any threads about the pickups on UG, has anybody here tried them? they're not in stock on most online music stores, but they have them on ebay.

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I'm considering these new pickups as well (in the 6-str incarnation).

This is the only review I've found at this point and even though it's for the 7-str versions, it does seem to be fairly comprehensive and makes some comparisons to the D-Sonics and Nortons..
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