"Leave It Be"

It's in my profile, it's the first original song with vocals I put up here. It's also the first "full scale" original song with vocals I've recorded altogether. By full scale I mean not just an acoustic and me.

Tell me what you think, I'm not going to add or detract anything from it. I just want to share it.


Also, I'll C4C, of course.
This is very good. The quality is good, the guitar sounds really chill, and the vocals fit in perfectly. With a lot of the stuff I find on here, the vocals tend to be lacking, but you have it covered. They especially sound good near the end, a very good ending. The solo sounds great.

I could seriously hear this on the radio. It has a very recognizable sound yet is slightly different. My only real criticism is that I feel you could develop it a bit more, maybe have a couple other sections or change up the melody a bit. Then again, that isn't too common in this genre, so I guess it's fine. Sounds great man, keep it up!

Feel free to crit any of my stuff. It's in the sig.
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Thanks a lot! I really appreciate you saying you could hear it on the radio, that means a lot.

I would add more, but it's already 4 minutes, and I wouldn't want to take anything away, so I figure I'll leave it be. SEE WHAT I DID THAR!?

But, really, thanks, I'll look at Late Night Ride, I think I already left a comment for Desert.
I do indeed see what you did thar. Lolwut?

Yeah I tend to write longer stuff, mostly because of the classical influence. For a song I'd put on the radio, 4 minutes would be pretty long, but my stuff probably wouldn't be stuff on the radio haha.
good song. i liked it a lot at first and the more it when the more i realized it wasnt exactly my taste in music, but nonetheless i liked it. the only thing i can say i would work on is the tone of the guitar that comes in with the distortion. in my opinion this was really the only blemish on the song. if it is what you were going for keep it, but if not take it into consideration. with that changed i really dont have anything bad to say at all about this song. i second the radio comment also.

C4C? i have a few songs in my profile you could check out
thx for the crit
i think you've got potentiel
and for you first song it pretty damn good
i like the tone on the guitar in the intro aswell as the riff
the tempo is kinda slugish the verse goes on a little long
the chorus sounds great,
this song personally isn't really a hit . it sound like just one of songs that goe's on a album
not in a bad way because i really think you have the potentiel to come up with a really killer song that would be a hit
if you listen to any band when they start their first album is rarely amazing .
the recording sounds really good and in perfect time
congrats for a first time song
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Good recording and composition. Not really my style, but as I was listening I kept thinking it sounded a little like weezer's say it ain't so. I then looked down and realized that you actually covered that one also
Yeah, jmako, in the future, I'll try to get a better distorted tone, I didn't like it that much, either.

And, RLD, weezer s definitely an influence.

Thanks, guys.

EDIT: RLD, where in NH are you from?
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I replied on my page by accident... Good job on the track, details on my page, lol. 5*
that's a very cool song. if it were me i'd something a little different with the drums at the very beginning, but that's just me. it's a good song overall. well put together indeed.

what exactly does c4c mean, btw?
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I like it man. You have a good voice and the quality is good. What do you use to record?
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Cool overall project. I like the sort of reggae guitar. Good lyrics, good voice. The only problem is that the drums clip a bit and during the heavy parts (which I like alot) there is a lot of clipping creating distortion that detracts from the song. It may be that you simply need to remaster (remix) the recording, but if the clipping is in the recording, then you can't get rid of it. Over all, I liked it!
Dude...like holy crap this is awesome lol and im a huge metalhead and i love this song
Thanks, all of you!

konfyouzd: c4c means comment for comment. If you comment mine, I'll comment yours, as long as you leave a link.

Omegamagi: All the guitars were recorded DI using Guitar Pro 3. The drums are Superior Drummer 2.0 and the bass is also DI with the pitch shifted using Amplitube 2 (It's actually a guitar) EDIT: I forgot to mention that I bypass all cab models and instead download impulses, I used Brohymn's orange 2 cab for this particular song. Go to guitarampmodeling.com if you have any questions.

Hearitinmyhead: The lyrics mean something to me, and hopefully other people can relate, so thanks. And the clipping is all probably my fault during the actual recording.

lambofgod40: Thanks! Means a lot.
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