This is a little techno piece inspired by the great band Infected Mushroom. I sampled my guitar playing for all the guitar parts and remixed it here and there to create new melodies and harmonies. The piece itself follows the Infected Mushroom traditional and progresses like a classical piece, though it is obviously techno.

Enjoy and crit4crit as always! The piece is in my profile!
I thought the intro was excellent! I loved the whole arab theme throughout. It was a pretty interesting mix of genres, so that's a plus. The piece as a whole was pretty interesting.

The part around 1:40 was really well done, the alternating instruments.

It's a bit long, but this kind of song is usually that way.

Care to listen to mine? Vastly different genre, but you may appreciate it, lol.

It's sounds too similar to Becoming Insane... Like almost complete rip-off.

And just an FYI Infected Mushroom make psychedelic trance, not techno.
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Thanks guys! Yeah I know its psy trance but I thought people would recognize techno better than that if they saw it under any listings. It's really just a name, doesn't matter too much.

And I know it sounds similar to Becoming Insane, because that was the influence for the piece, but it is focused on a Middle Eastern theme, not Spanish, it is structured differently, and I focus more on sample manipulation instead of traditional trance development. If you actually compare the two pieces, they are quite different, though there is obviously a lot of similarities, mostly intended.