OK so after some research Ive narrowed it down to a Laney VC30 212, Peavey VK 100w 212 or a Crate v33h with a 212 palamino cab (on sale for 1400 Aus). My interests are quite diverse: RHCP, Wolfmother, Strokes, Kings of Leon, old silverchair, nirvana, acdc. Whilst metal isnt really important it would be nice to have the option

I'm open to other amps so feel free to suggest. Im looking around the 1500AUD mark
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laney vc30 for sure. they easily do metal, but with a nice distortion it gets even better.
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thnx man although Im sure it still prob is the best one, id rather the best amp for the music i like first metal isnt important really.
The VC30 is what you want. The Valveking would require some upgrades to get a real good sound.
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Just get the 112 Laney, its cheaper.
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