Does anyone know how to get a pickguard off from an acoustic guitar without damaging the finish or leaveing it sticky?

You have to be careful not to bubble the finish when going hair dryer method though. You have to go in short passes to avoid damaging the finish
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Most pickguards are adhered with 3M467, or some similar transfer adhesive. A bit of naptha with loosen it cleanly and immediately, and won't reach with finish, plastics, woods, etc. Then you can clean up the remaining goo with naptha and a paper towel. A bit of heat will work as well, but naptha is probably the safest route.

Yes, but you should also tell him what the common item is that contains naptha, in case it's not readily available where he lives.
I live in tennessee what is naptha and where can I get it? The pickguard I want to put on is smaller then the one I have now so I want all the glue taken off.
If I were you, I'd probably go the Naptha route, mainly because the idea of using a hairdryer on a guitar...or a lighter, sounds a bit risky.
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I bought a can of naptha from the home depot for eight bucks now what? Do I just pour it out on it or what is the correct way?

Tried naptha. Didn't work. Needed the heat of an Iron. I put aluminum foil over it first and put the heat on low then worked it off with a wide putty knife. Wipe the glue off with acetone. Be careful to keep the acetone away from the binding because it can melt it.