Poll: upgrade my ibanez? or buy a new bass?
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View poll results: upgrade my ibanez? or buy a new bass?
Upgrade the ibanez
10 45%
Buy a new bass
12 55%
Voters: 22.
so it has come to my attention that keeping my first bass and upgrading the electronics isnt as good as buying a whole new bass. my price range is 500 to 650...MAYBE! if ill even spend that much on an instrument...

i can upgrade my current ibanez gsr200fm fretless to nice nordstrand p/j pickups and a 3 band aguilar preamp with 5 knobs and 2 switches (v-v-m-t-b mid selector switch and an active passive switch). going along with my rosewood fingerboard id throw some rosewood knobs on it, strip and stain the body to minwaxs red oak color, probably sand out the body curves, make everything a little more refined and spray the bridge and tuners black (if i dont just buy new ones)

mind you, all this can be done for 500 bucks (usd). the way i see it is i can upgrade to a very good sounding instrument that i already love and have put loads of time and care into. or i can spend that 500 on a new bass. thing is, finding a bass for 500 bucks thats everything i would be upgrading to, plus a bit more to make it worth it to not upgrade.

so heres my challenge. find a bass that is in the ball park of 500 bucks (usd) that is fretless, has some good electronics, a slick neck (compared to an ibanez) and has a good look to it. if someone can find this ill consider buying a whole new bass as opposed to upgrading as so many have been telling me.

just for kicks ill throw a poll in asking people if i should upgrade my ibanez or get a new bass.

good luck.
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ive looked at the sr506 actually. not worth it to me. the electronics set up (in my opinion) isnt as good as what i can upgrade to for less money
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I'm gonna say upgrade, I doubt you'll find a better bass for that same price over the upgrades.
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how about looking at the discontinued sr900 series. Neck through, active preamp etc. plus you would have me drooling over your NBD pics
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if you get new tuners and bridge, go for it.
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look at this page aswell.

Theres a lakland 55-01 for 650, case new strings and delivery all included in that amazing.

damn only noticed you wanted a fretless but still....

Lakland 55-01 fretless lined 699.

Considering both those bass's are close enough to your price its saying something, but skim over that site and im sure youll find something.
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I checked new bass then reread the thread. Yeah upgrade. If you have the 5ki115, then go for it

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still havent seen a bass thats better than what i can upgrade to. :P and besides, i have a very close bond with my ibanez.
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