my new ESP LTD EC-401vf. sooooooooooo beautiful...i apologize for the crap cell pics.

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Thats nnice HNGD

and your cell camera pwns mine

+1 to both statements

Curious, what phone do you have? And this thing looks amazing. Better than the EC-1000 IMO, since it doesn't have abalone

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its a blackberry storm. and just a little note, there not as ****ty as some people might think, and i love the clicking screen for texting.
my friend has the 400 from '07 or '08 and he loves it. so do i! it sounds great at all volumes and can do lots of different types of music! nice finish too

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very, very nice

HNGD you lucky bast*rd
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that is HOT!... how much was it? if you dont mind me asking

$629 at GC.
Excelent choice, i own the EC1000 with duncans. Your guitars a lil differet, IMO feels more and sounds like a les paul, much thicker then the EC which is more along the lines of an SG.

Excelent buy,

ESP users unite! x2 Today.
What exactly is the difference between a 401vf, a 500, and the 1000?
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What exactly is the difference between a 401vf, a 500, and the 1000?

the price, thickness, and where they're made pretty much. and the 1000 has a different bridge also.