Hi, I'm an intermediate guitar player, I've been playing for about three or four years, however I haven't really played any guitar other than my standard strat since I started playing. While recently playing my friend's Les Paul, I noticed that palm muting - especially palm muting upstrokes - was a lot easier than it is on my strat. Why is this?
EDIT: Wait... maybe this is relevant...

But the technique forum might be the place to be.

EDIT2: I have an SG with a tune-o-matic bridge, and palm muting in general is easier. I think it's to do with how far down the body the bridge is, because on my strat, the controls get in the way of my fingers.

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different bridge types. i own a guitar with the same bridge you'd find on a les paul (tune-o-matic) and i own a strat. i don't find it easier to pm on one more than the other but i do find it more comfortable to do it on the tom bridge.
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I refer fixed bridges actually, but its because of the bridge difference. I hate strat bridges. I actually hate strats in general. I find them difficult to palm mute on in the first place
the bridge and the pickups have alot to do with the sound of palm muting

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on the strat bridge each saddle has two screws jutting out of it with no other purpose than to slice your hand. at least thats the way it was on my mexi, havent played an american in a long time so i forget if thats a little nicer or not.

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