Well I've been checking out these models online, and they seem pretty good. Hopefully I'll be able to go to GC and try them out soon, unfortunately it's about an hour or two away so I was wondering what people thought would be the best one. In YOUR opinion.

And also, if anyone has played a Fender Jagstang, could you tell me how it played? I've been thinking about trying to find one of them.
I always wanted to try out a Jag, and a few weeks ago I did. Honestly, from the second I put it in my lap I knew it wasn't right... just too irregular, and to be honest the knobs were system was a little complicated. I haven't tried out the other guitars though.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the Jag (and Mustang if i'm not mistaken) has a short-scale necks, meaning they're easier to bend and play differently. The jazzmaster is standard fender scale.
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I love them all. Except if you want a Jagstang you won't be able to buy one new because it's a discontinued model. I'm actually trying to find one myself on e-bay and craigslist for a reasonable price but they are hard to come by.
If you're just looking for t3h Kurdtz, get an ORM-1.

What are you looking to play?
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