ive got this 6505, so when i play for more than 3 hours, the lead channel begins to sound retarded... idk how to explain the sound, but volume is cut and it sounds squishy or somehting.
at first, i thought it was because i had this ****ty 3 year old MG cab...but afer playing on my friends mesa cab, the same thing happened, so im like WTF O__O
does anyone know what could be wrong with it? or if its serious. im very sure that the tubes are not the issue, but i still dont know
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No, just disregard all the posts in this thread that say that the tone is noticeably worse when it's dying...

i should have read the thread
could be overheating, try putting a fan behind it and see if the issue persists
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Does it make a similar sound when you keep playing and switch it to standby right before the standby actually cuts off sound to the speaker?

My amp was doing that; and my dads friend looked through and found like 15 or so points on the pre amp and power amp circuit boards that needed re-soddered for some reason.

I would take it to a tech if the problem gets worse.
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