So i've been having a little trouble with my pinch harmonics, i've got the technique pretty much done, and i've found a sweet spot to hit them on, but i cna't get the bottom three strings to "squeal" enough. I can get the highs to scream, but the lows just sound...not screaming. Some good examples of the low p.h. i'm talking about are in The Heart and the Shape, by 36 Crazyfists, and My Curse by Killswitch. How do i make my p.h. sing like that on the bottom strings?
I find that on the bottom strings I tend to hit the strings with my thumb more than I do with the top strings. I also add a lot of vibrato =D
the 'sweet spot' varies from string to string, in my experience. for me, the sweet spot for the lower strings is close to the neck pickup. where are you picking them at?
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Use your left hand and go along the string to find the spots where there are good audible harmonics. You have to try and imagine where the fret would be. The same way as the 7th fret and 19th fret have the same natural harmonic, there's a point after the fret board ends where that harmonic can be found again, where the 31st fret (i think) would be if the fret board kept going the whole length of the guitar. Just move along the string until you find the right sound you want and then that's where your thumb should be hitting the string. You may need to dig in more for the lower sounding strings though. Eventually, you should be able to find the spots without thinking about it.
Try putting a little more thumb into it when on the thicker strings....that's how I get mine.
You could also try the naughty finger approach.

You pick UP and use your middle finger to hit the harmonic, it's alot easier to get down, and usually more accurate, but most people prefer to use the thumb for other reasons.
You just have to practice.. try to master harmonics on those strings, which you are able to do them. And than start practicing those harmonics on lower strings and i am sure it will come...