Some of the dissonance in the chords ruins the feel of it for me. I would have found some more smoothly flowing progressions if I were you. I like the singer's melody and the guitar leads are good. Some are a little out of time though. Also, the lyrics are...yea. Your singer is quite good though

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i like the music. i think the rhythm of the backing guitar and the lead for that matter are both great. the thing that gets me with this song though is that the lyrics are terribly cliche. the singer sounds good the music sounds good, but as someone who focuses a lot on the words of songs this just doesnt happen to be my style lyrically.

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i listend to driving around. good singing and i liked the chords. it seems to lack a chorus. i can hear it. but if you changed the chords for it i think it would sound allot better. its not great, but its not bad eather. just needs a little work. i like the theme, and the lyrics are okay, but they seemed a little cliche to me. not bad though. thats my kind of music. well done.

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