i am getting really sick of my spider three so i am deciding to get a job save up for a good tube amp so what are some good suggestions for good amps that i could buy off of getting paid minimum wage
What is your budget (seriously it's worth having a budget otherwise someone's going to recommend a Diezel)? And also what type of music do you play?
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my budget is probably between 350 to 500 and i play metal, grunge, and hard rock

well, i'd say you have a few decent choices for a tube combo:
B-52 at112
peavey valveking
blackstar ht5 combo (also can be bought as a small half stack)
blackheart products
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i mean my budget could be more i just dont know how much money ill make never had a job before

well, while you save, continue to demo amps, and you'll get a good read of your budget as you make money. i still stand by the amps i recommended.
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i looked up the valveking and it looks pretty sweet would that play metalcore well cuz i play some metalcore
Yes you could play metalcore with a valveking. If you want it to sound good you'll have to get a boost for the lead channel though.

Just make sure you don't purchase anything you haven't tested ALOT.
Schecter Hellraiser FR
Peavey 6505 Head
Vader 4x12
BBE 482

Boss NS-2
For 500 you could probably find a used Peavey 5150.
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