Well I wrote this song yesterday, and somehow recorded it the next day, ussually theres a long break before I get unlazy enough to record it, but I did today lol.

This song I made was really hard for me though, so there are plenty noticeable mistakes and timing errors unfortunately. I wish I was better at guitar so my recorded stuff would sound better, but oh well...

Its called song 24 on my profile BTW
The drums sound good, but I think the snare is far too loud. It is hard to hear the guitar in some of the parts because of this. If you wrote this in one day I have to say I am impressed it takes me a long time to write a song
the tremolo part at around 45 sounds kind of wierd i m not sure if its beacause of the double bass or something the snare drum is a bit too loud compasred to the rest of the set. the solo was good. overall it was a good song . keep up the good work. checkout/comment some of my songs in my profile
Nice song, very cool riff. The snare is a little loud at some parts, but the blast beat section was pretty sick. I liked the outro the most, but the drums sound kind of off at the beginning of the outro, i dunno. Would love to hear some vocals! good job overall.

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The snare is really overpowering now that I listen some more.

Also, after like 2 weeks of practicing, I might re-record the guitar parts also, so they sound right with a better mix with the drums(snare less overpowering).

No vocals though, since I don't know anyone that can scream or sing well.