Hey my fellow guitar addicts,

After six months of hard work, I'm proud to finally present you this cover of 'Stairway To Heaven'. Originally by, as you all know, Led Zeppelin.
Some of you may have heard the song too much at your favorite guitar store.
But I guarantee you, you haven't heard this version there before!


I hope you all enjoy my collaboration with JimmyG (Denver, Colorado).
Please leave a message, if you find time!

Kind regards,

Bastiaan77 (the Netherlands)
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Very very nice... u nailed the tone pretty damn close too
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I got chills, damn that was good.
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Amazing dude, amazing, what things you use to record? How do you do it, send .wav files thru mails??

just amazing
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Hey, i've got an idea for what you could do for your next song... a bit of Queen maybe?
We're first focusing at original songs now for an album! After that.. who knows! Making covers is great fun, so I guess we'll do another few in the future. Queen have some very nice and challenging songs we might could do than.
very good! you guys put alot of effort into this and it shows well done
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this is what music is all about brother
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