Hey guys,

I've been playing the guitar for about a year and have finished both books of Jamorama (if anyone has used that) and can play a handful of my favorite songs. I don't feel like I've been getting any better recently and I think its partly because I don't really have any specific direction or goals right now. I feel like its not very beneficial to just play and learn new random songs but I'm not sure what else to do, outside of getting lessons that is.

Basically, I'm very dedicated to playing and try to play for a couple hours per day. I think I have some talent and musicality and might have potential to be a musician one day. I'm just not sure what to do next.

Any programs, websites, advice... anything that you think would help me out would be appreciated!

Also, what books/ websites would you recommend for learning music theory?

this^^ for music theory if you don't know it already so that you do some chord progressions

UG has lots of lessons
a teacher would definately improve your scale knowledge, improvising skills really quick
and if it's a good a teacher he generally sees all the mistakes you make

(for instance I muted the E and A string playing the D chord with my thumb and he told me not to cause it is important to have an accurate right hand)

you should focus on Barre chords and rhythm guitar stuff at first though before scaling so that you can accompany every song a stranger wants you to play
Ye, learning the theory behind chords and how they're made is probably a good idea, which also means learning you're major and minor scales. Once you've got those down (i suggest the three note per string shapes for each scale) move onto the modal scales and learn where you can use them. Try and find parts of the songs that you like that use the things you're currently working on e.g. if you're learning the major scale, there's a part in the second solo in Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne where Randy Rhoads does a pretty simple major scale run that takes in almost the whole three note per string pattern.
Alright sounds good guys, I'll definitely check some of that stuff out!
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Start a band! Helped me out a lot, got to write my own stuff, felt like I was getting better too.

That, and what the other guys said!

This is a great idea! Works aswell.

I'm adding stuff to my website all the time that might help (in my sig.)

other than that the ultimate-guitar lessons are also great.