hello ppl!! , i hope there is someone who can give me a little advice here, im about to upgrade my bass gear and im thinking of buying this Acoustic B200H Bass Amp Head and B410 Bass Speaker Cabinet Stack cause ive heard great things about the tone and performance overall and of course price which is very important since i dont have a lot to spend at the time..... so my questions are:

+is this bass amp head powerful enough to use at live gigs? (small and medium venues)

plus one of my bandmates owns an Acoustic B115 250w 1x15 Bass Cabinet which i can borrow, so i wanted to use both cabinets and the amp head to have like the full combo.,

+will this amp head power both cabinets?? regarding watts and ohms and what not which i dont fully understand...

im posting the specs on both cabinets and amp head plus the pics of the combo im thinking of buying and the full combo.

thnx a lot for the help.

B200H Head:

Extra goodies:
Ground Lift
Effect Loop

Power: 200 Watts @ 4 Ohms
Channels: 1
EQ: 6-Band EQ - sweepable
Frequency notch filter
Inputs: dual inputs (passive & active)
Outs: XLR direct out

B410 Cabinet

Power: 400 watts power handling
Speaker: 4 x 10" heavy-duty speakers, high-frequency with on/off switch
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Input: Parallel 1/4" Input Jacks
Other goodies: heavy-duty tour handles, damage resistant vinyl covering, caster sockets (casters sold separately)

B115 Cabinet:

Other goodies: Heavy-duty spring-loaded touring handles
Damage-resistant vinyl covering
Caster sockets

Power: 250 watts power handling
Speaker: 15" heavy-duty speaker, high-frequency horn with on/off switch
Impedance: 8 ohms
Input: parallel 1/4" input jacks
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Yes and yes. You will be pleasantly surprised on both fronts, I'm sure. There's a ton of info on these amps in the Bass forum, so jump over there when you get a minute.
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Is this that amp that was the Guitar World playing off of John Paul Jones?
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