So Im already aware of using UG, myspace, unsigned.com, and Garage band. But what other websites allow unsigned bands to set up profiles and promote their music?
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Off the top of my head theres twitter, reverbnation, purevolume, and trig.com. I'm sure there are tons more out there, but honestly, rather than making tons of different profiles, if you're looking to showcase your band for potential venues, I would focus on having one or two really nice profiles. I would probably spend some money and have a professional designer do a custom myspace page, and then setup a purevolume page as well. Myspace has pretty much turned into the new "press-kit" these days.
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There is also Bebo and facebook. Like CDubDSP said though, it's probably best to have 1 or possibly 2 really good profiles and direct people there.

Yeah, get facebook. It allows you to make event pages and then people can rsvp for your shows, so you get an idea of whose coming.
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Yeah, get facebook. It allows you to make event pages and then people can rsvp for your shows, so you get an idea of whose coming.

Facebook is great for notifying fans of shows/events/etc, but not so great if you're trying to showcase your band (which is what the OP asked). It doesn't allow you to post music (that I know of anyways) and pretty much all you *can* do besides send out event invitations is upload pictures. Don't get me wrong, facebook is great for getting the word out there to people, but if a venue asked me for a link to my band, facebook would not be my first choice as a response.
Oh, just, i don't know if you're very experienced or whatever, but just a reminder. Many people these days seem to forget to actually socialize, go to events, and do SOMETHING to get their music out there.

Of course someone is going to see your music if you put up webpages. But you have to, you know.. get into the.. underground, scene, whatever there is of socializing for your music-genre. Talk to people, show them your music, then word will spread. I know many people insists on the internet being the ultimate thing, but i still find that the power of tongue can do alot more good for you, than some letters and over-edited pictures on a web-page! So, just in case you haven't yet, start socializing, writing mails, whatever, to people who seem similar to you, in music-taste or mentally, and just get "out there" as personages along with your music, instead of your music just being something that is just to browse through 10 minutes on a page.

Anyway, i wish you luck with everything i guess. i think i need to go to sleep soon.