Hi everybody new member here. I've been playing the guitar for just under a year now and I know quite a few chords, sclaes and modes. The thing is im not sure how to use them that effectiveley. First off I want to find a book/ website that teachers you how to improvise/ create riffs for blues guitar ( I know the scales etc already I just don't know how to break them up/ put them together to create interesting solos). I also need a book/ website that teaches you different rhythems (bossa nova/ skiffle etc) cause at the moment I can play chords but I always use a straight 4 beats to the bar.

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Btw - if you do recommend a book i'd orefer one with a CD.
Do you know the notes and intervals within the major scale, how to harmonise it and can you use it in every key over the whole fretboard?

In all honesty there's not an awful lot out there to tell you how to improvise, you pretty much need to figure out for yourself what it is you want to play.
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Yeah I know the major scales associated with the 5 chord shapes. I can work them all out in different keys and I know all there modes. Im not up to scratch yet but i'm getting a good grasp of how the fingerboards layed out. In terms of improvisation I can do a lick or so ive heared but after that I always have to stop to think up osmethig else or I just keep doing the same thing over and over again.
I basically learnt to improvise by
1. breaking scales down into small pieces that can be repeated ( otherwise known as riffs ) learn specific blues ones or major scale ones
2. using the same pieces in different parts of the neck
3. making sure I knew the chord tone notes related to scale and chords I wanted to hit when the chords or return or start / change came around in the song
4. learn to do the scales both vertically and horizontally along the neck
5. learn to break the timing of the song into sections when you came widdle and when you cannot and fit the solo parts into it or across the timing
6. Basically listen and play over as many chord changes and keys and you can find backing tracks for and try to make it sound like you hear it in your head

hope that helps!