So, My birthday's in a months time.

I'll probably have a bit of spare cash, so I'm thinking i should get a better Boost for my Jcm800. ATM I have an 80's black label SD-1 as my main boost, I'm just not digging the sound. It's pretty noisy and probably needs a service.

I'm sort of looking for an Avenged Sevenfold sort of sound. maybe a little more gain.

So, given my setup, what would you use as your boost?

Thank you in advance.
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You could an eq, run it in front and put the volume slider all the way up to boost a little and also add more treble,bass etc. Or you can buy a bad monkey for a cheap overdrive. I use a dan cool cat drive, which is a fulltone ocd clone, and it gives a huge clean boost and really drives my amp, fairly transparent too.
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Sorry dude I'm old school and I don't know about Avenged Sevenfold. But if you want the best clean boost around, Xotic RC Boost. Fantastic.
ive got the ts808 and i use it as a boost for everything but cleaned. i have it in front of my metal zone, it gives it that bite that would be good for avenged, but it makes my emg's hum
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^You have a Metal Zone and a Spider III


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Use the link in my Sig. It will help you compare most od's side by side. It's a great link to figure out what sound your going for.
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