hi everybody
i want to know your opinion about the jackson dk2m because i saw it a week ago in a shop and now i can't stop thinking about it
i searched on the internet to compare the prices and i can say that the one i saw isn't expensive as the one on ebay...it costs 650 euros and they give me also picks,strings,
custody,cables and some other things but please tell me what you think about it!!
sorry for my english hehe there might be a lot of errors becouse i'm not english

P.S:the colour is fantatic,it's light black and you can see the wood under the paint

my friend owns a dk2m, plays great man, the neck is a little different from most dinky's i played it was more flat and d shaped, but it was very fast and smooth to play, sounds great too, very 80s :P
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They are great guitars for the price. One thing you should consider is whether or not you really want or need the trem. They are a bit of a pain to set up.