Yo just got this whammy off CorduroyEW in a trade it's a really fun pedal but I don't think I'm going to be able to use it in my live rig any time soon so it's surplus to my requirements.

It will come in the original box with an US and UK power supplies I have been informed that some of the leaflets that come with it originally are missing.

I would like around £100 for it as that's what they seem to go for usually.

I would definately be interested in trades stuff I'm interested in is: Pedals (preferably bass ones), A mandolin, Punk/ska vinyl records, an ipod (30gb+).

But if you're interested offer anyway the worst I can do is say no.

Here's a pic, it's not great but better than no picture:
Quote by SuperMaximo93
Would you be interested in a Korg AX3000B multieffects board at all?

*Waits for him to say "No"*

Hmm although I think that would be a good trade in my favour I'm going to have to pass because I don't think I'd use that much more than the whammy. Thanks for the offer though.
Ill give you a Korg G3.
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