So i got some money from my job (around 200 Euro/270 usd)
and i have my eyes set on a Vox Night Train, but i'm gonna get the money for that after a while so i won't be using the money for that.

I don't quite like pedals, but i can go for a good OD maybe, maybe a Wah of some sort, maybe even a Epiphone Valve JR...

So i'm askin', what do you guys reccomand.

PS i play classic rock, swamp rock, and some blues rock.
The Night Train will be great for what you want if you have enough money. You can get a great hard rock sound out of it but it would need some help to do metal if need be.


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Save up for the night train, it's really nice. The only downside is It's pretty new out so there's no real chance of buying used
Super Champ XD ($300) or Vibro Champ XD ($200). You won't need pedals, but you can use them if you've got them.