Atm I'm doing music homework and I'm out of notation paper and my printer lacks ink, so I can't download+print any.
Which leads me to type it in, in guitar pro 5 as music notation (not tab). But I don't know how to flat a note or sharp a note! How does one sharpen of flatten a note in guitarpro?

Btw I'm on a mac if that makes any difference.
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Can't you just type it in on the guitar tab part then hide the tab part?
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That's what I do right now. But I was kinda hoping that there was a keyboard shortcut that would sharpen or flatten the note.

Maybe there's a list somewhere with all shortcuts out there?
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a keyboard shortcut? well the sharps and flats on the keyboard are the black keys and there is also a shortcut to sharp a note there should be a tools list on the top and theres a list of shortcuts you can modify
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