I'm in the market for a tube amplifier. I play a wide range of music but would really like to get a tone like Adam Jones from Tool. Budget:$3000 (including cab). Willing to buy combo or separate head/cab. Prefer new, but would consider used as well. I realize Adam Jones has a very complex rig/sound and that I may be making a tall order. Just looking for best amp that will give me good starting point to build Adam Jones-like sound From what I've already read, looks like my options would include Mesa dual rectifier, road king, or dual rectifier, or trying to find used diezel.

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well it mentioned the diezel but I feel like tool is very effects driven so it might be easier to emulate the effects more than the tone of the amp
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with 3000(ehh you might need to save up 500 more) you can afford a USED VH-4 (that's what the amp he uses).

he also uses a Vintage Marshall Bass Amp
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I think that a Road King might be your next best bet. I get a convincing Jones tone out of my F-50, and it is said to be voiced somewhere between a Mark and a Recto.

But I would definitely search high and low for a used VH-4. Check out the Harmony-Central Used forums. There are usually a lot of a high end gear on sale there (more so than here at least).
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Clarification: $3000 US dollars.
Was hoping to limit spending to that amount for head/cab or combo. Will definitely keep eye out for used Diezel VH4, but suspect amp head alone will run $3000 and would still have to buy speaker cabinet. Anyone have much experience playing Tool with Mesa roadster combo or solo head? Appreciate everyone's good advice.