this is sort of a response to the nightmare inducement thread, but can be just as helpful if you find yourself getting too scared to sleep regularly. this is how it began:

It started last night. I'd been in the nightmare inducement thread for the last 3 nights but usually that stuff doesnt come back to scare me when i'm in bed. this night was different, that day i did something that made me feel guilty, and then eventually depressed, last night, which felt like it manifested itself into fear. I was having crazy irrational thoughts that would not allow to close my eyes for more than ten seconds.

earlier yesterday, when i was looking through the nightmare inducement thread, i saw a picture of the girls from the Exorcist's face that someone posted. Thats what was haunting me. I thought the if i turned my head to the left, i would find her on her knees so that her face would be right in front of mine and the she would go "hi", or that if i looked straight ahead i would see her standing at the end of the bed, giving me a foot massage; all of course before proceeding to do something horrible to me.

And then (maybe because i was depressed and not having thoughts that i normally would have) I thought why not turn this into something i can laugh at, then it couldnt be scary anymore.

Then it happened. It was like a dream/ nightmare, and i saw it all from the 3rd person, like i was watching a movie. It began with just the girls face staring straight at me. Then, out of nowhere a bunch of fists come flying at it. It turns out we were playing each other in Fight Night, winner gets to keep my soul. She even had her own custom player that looked just like her. Then i saw that we were actually sitting on the same couch and she was jumping up and down going crazy on her xbox controller, but she couldnt help getting a dozen haymakers to the face from muhammad ali.

After seeing that, i felt relaxed, but it ultimately failed cause half an hour later the thoughts came back and i ended up sleeping in my parents room.

So pit, if any of you are willing to try it, come back and tell us how it goes. or if you have your own solution to these problems feel free to tell us.
And none of that "just face your fears" crap, unless youre willing to try some kind of lucid dream/ nightmare combo and know how/ are brave enough/ lucky enough to pull it off, and tell us how that goes too.
Why would she give you a foot massage? :confused

And I find this relaxing:

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Why would she give you a foot massage? :confused

just so it creepier and more of shock when i look down and see her.

and also people dont think this is a good idea? forget my example but turning something youre scared of into something you cant help laughing at sounds fool proof to me
What have you been smoking? Seriously, that is some good **** young man.
Man, the Exorcist girl's face has haunted me in my nightmares too.

Once I was working at a petrol station (where I used to work) and she kept walking up to the windows. Keep in mind this was early morning in my dream, so it was dark. Urgh...

EDIT: But your dream is some weird ****.
^that's a boat.
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That's weird, something similar happened to me last week after I watched The Descent. Except I imagined having a massive fight with one of the creatures, and I kicked his ass.
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simple solution. watch this video about 15 minutes before going to bed, and you won't be able to think about the Rake or anything like that:


you'll be laughing too damn hard. the humor is guaranteed to last for at least 2 hours.
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