I have a really bad habit of not hovering above the strings when I transition chords on some songs. In the recording you can hear my hand squeaking across the fretboard. Any suggestions on how to stop?

I'll upload an mp3 on my profile to give you guys an example.
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Take all your songs slow and focus on taking your fingers off the strings. Do not settle for anything less than zero string noise. Pretty much relearning the songs and getting used to how it feels to brings your fingers off the strings.

Or buy Elixir Nanowebs, they have a slippery feel and reduce some string noise.

But do the first method first for those instances where you don't have slippery strings.
Some strings are more noisy than others, but from my own experience the noise goes away when you soften up your fretting hand. For me that happened automatically as I improved. Of course I don't know how long you have been playing, but I could imagine that using a softer grip when fretting your reduce the noise.