I recently received the new Guitar Center catalog. It promoted the Les Paul Studio Deluxe. It looks like a slightly flamed Heritage Cherry Les Paul Studio with zebra pickups (490 and Burstbucker Pro). Does this seem like a good guitar? I mean like the combination of pickups and all. Because I'm about to get a gibson and this could be an option.
i really like the burstbucker pickups. of course my guitar has a burstbucker 3, so i don't know how similar they would be.

i think most of what other people will tell you on this site will be "play it yourself" just because gibson is less than consistent with quality control. its great advice, but there's nothing wrong with buying online. just means nobody else has touched it
the 490r is ok, sounds a lot like the Alnico II pro.

The Burstbucker Pro is horrible.
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The Burstbucker Pro is horrible.
I've heard this from loads of people - it certainly isn't one man's view.

Of course you could always easily replace the pickups.
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yep, pickups are easy to replace, which is why I generally don't use pickups as a drawing point for a guitar purchase (I already have pickups that I favor and will most likely swap them into any guitar, regardless of what the stocks are)

the BB pro is, in addition to being muddy, also lacking in character.