Today, we received a wedding invitation from a couple who are renting an apartment from us. They have not paid rent for the last several months. My father is listed as "principal sponsor". FML

That was the FML

Edit: - Sorry I was vague. I want to know what a principal sponsor is.

Edit 2: - Found this in the comments

"The principal sponsors are expected to serve as the couple's second parents or counselors especially when the newlyweds' parents are no longer there to guide them. The couple’s "Ninong" and "Ninang" (godparent) serve as the official witnesses of the state to the couple’s union and as such, have to join in signing the marriage license. In the early days of the Church, their participation was seen as a testimony to the couple’s readiness for marriage."

What does it mean? :S
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i think its who pays for the wedding, in the US its most always the wife's father. i could be terribly wrong though