Hey Guys/Girls,

I'm going to buy a Bass for a friend of mine, problem he lives in Canada, so I first need good online stores which are either Canada based or ship to Canada.

On to the actual instrument, I know nothing about Bass Guitars, I'm a guitarist myself, so Recommend me some Bass guitars.
Budget: 300 Can Dol.
Genre: Popular music/Japanese Pop/rock aka Nipponsei. I know, he's got a weird taste:P

Oh, also don't know what amp, please recommend some not so expensive.

It will be greatly appreciated.
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Nothing wrong with J-music

Ibanez springs to mind, that and the LTD beginner line (I'm a guitarist myself but a few of my mates bought those and they're very pleased)
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haha, yeah nothing wrong with Jmusic, just if other people hear it, it's a different story. But, seriously, Idk, what about a squier Jazzbass?
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Squier jazz or Ibanez gsr200 would be my 2 cents.

Also, I personally would avoid the beginner models of brands such as bc rich, dean and (imo) LTD
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Ibanez GSR200. there is a branch of Guitar Center in Canada, Long and Mcquades I think?
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Where in Canada is he/you? It says your location is the netherlands. Axemusic is a canadian store that also has online, but the selection isn't the greatest. If he can go and try it himself, long and mcquade is a good bet, and if he's in Ontario, Port Credit is a great place to go, there's a music store every few feet