Hey, i was wondering how i cut out all of the feedback when im not touching the guitar, i understand the other technique of turning your volume to 0 but are there other techniques or maybe even equipment, are there cables that can cut out the feed back of my guitar and if so do you have any brands or specific types. also any tips on how to stop the scratchy noise when i change chords because the song im writing needs to have that specific space inbetween the two power chords but from one chord to another it makes just enough scratchy noise to be noticed. so if u found a way, or equipment or what ever to stop it that would be great, also i notice at a greenday concert, they didnt have cables on their guitars, are there such thing as wireless guitar cable things
Well, live wire elites are good noisless cables, so are monsters. But most feedback is caused by lots of gain or your too close to your amp, or you amp just in general sucks. As for the scrathing when changing chords, thats a tecnique problem, not a cable or guitar problem. And yes they do have wireless cables, but there expensive as a mofo.
Yeah a noise gate pedal would be a good idea
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My advice would be to use a noise gate and/or less gain on the amp. As for the scratching between chords, that can be helped by some right hand muting.
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k thanks i had been looking into sound gate and i probably am too close to my amp, my 15 foot chord just suddenly started to fail on men so i have this dumb 4 foot one or something, if anyone actually is still watching this thread when bands play live they have a whole studio thing that cuts out noise and adds in things like distortion right or do they have to do it themselves through pedals, off topic i guess but its just something that i recently found that i wasnt sure of