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I (Something_Vague, Matthew Scott, Asshole) am very excited to finally be releasing my book to the public. It's being distributed by lulu.com and will be on Amazon.com in a few weeks as well. I want to thank everyone here at S&L. I've been a part of this damn site for like six years now, and quite frankly it's come to a point where I don't think I'll ever be fully away from it. I thank you guys in the book's introduction for helping me progress as a writer. Six years ago, I was downright awful (some still claim that I am still pretty abysmal) but none the less, I have grown as a writer. These stories aren't like my poetry, they are not experimental, or abrasive, or masturbatory. These are straight forward stories that are meant to really give an emotional punch. I wrote a lot of them with personal events in my life, and a lot of them are fictional narratives that just explore the themes and questions I think are important. Not everyone of them means something, not everyone of them is excellent, and not everyone of them is without flaws. I am happy with the book, and it's still few spelling errors that will no doubt come back to haunt me. I hope the price isn't asking too much, but I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed, at all. Or in the great words of Billy Mays, "You'll get your money back." If you don't like the book, one bit, I will personally refund your money, that is how confident I am that you will like it, and love it.

Here's the review, lovingly written by your own, kdownes. Thank you so much, and enjoy the book that I've poured a year of my life into creating. Just click the link above or below to be taken to the site, and add to cart, then check out. It's fairly simple.

Sad Props for Elegant Lounge Coats
As Reviewed by kdownes (Kyle Downes):

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SAD PROPS FOR ELEGANT LOUNGE COATS by Matthew Scott is an eclectic collection of works delving into the exploration of human emotions. It is hard to read anyone of these stories without becoming captured in the emotion, whether a father’s grief at the loss of his daughter (Evelyn S. Pollard The Horse) or a man’s desperate reliving of his life, trying to remove all regret (Vita Nova). While some stories are subtle in there pulling power (Between The Fault & The Fence, Airport/Terminal Occasion), others grip you hard and pull your heart clean out (Sad Props for Elegant Lounge Coats, Vita Nova, Vanity in General).

The collection begins with “Ramón, Nephew of Ramón”, the story of a boy, his mother, and his uncle, centred on the Mexican festival of the Dead. The story gently examines the effect the loss of a close loved one can have on not only their close relatives, but the generations after them. The ending is beautifully subtle in the words on Ramón’s headstone, which read “We will go to the coasts, the highest peaks, and we will yell our names.” Next is “Young Blood”, a story of jealousy, anger and deceit which presents the breakdown of a bitter divorce. “Grenadine” is a curious and dark work which delves into feelings of loss, grief and regret through a party scene. “Tears for Affairs” is one of the more intricate tales in this collection, weaving multiple narratives together around a central theme and emotion. “King Wedding”, although short” is probably one of my favourite stories in the collection. It is a very personal tale about love lost and regret. “Vanity in General” is interesting in its circular narrative, with each characters relationships and actions creating almost a domino effect of destruction and pain. This is one of the most powerful stories in the collection, tearing apart the effects of vanity, both subtle and over the top. “Evelyn S. Pollard The Horse” was one of the few stories in this collection that actually made me cry. The slow but steady and innocent build-up at the beginning leaves the reader completely sucker-punched by the emotionally charged ending. “Just Visiting” tells the story of a guy bumping into his ex who has been tarnished beyond repair since he last saw her. It throws into harsh light the effects of drugs and humanity’s habit of corrupting and preying on the innocent. “Our House” is a deeply psychological and spiritual story which only reveals its true power after several reads. The storyline and emotion is wonderfully written with just the right level of strength and subtlety. Another shorter story, “Airport/Terminal Occasion” provides glimpses into various situations and emotions through the eyes of the protagonist who is simply exploring the airport while waiting for his grandmother. “Between The Fault & The Fence” is another beautiful and simplistic story about a man, a young blind woman and a fence.

“Sad Props for Elegant Lounge Coats” hurts, there’s no easier way to put it. Powerful, believable and ungodly painful, the story takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster as it traces the relationship of the two protagonists and the effects of drugs, distance, time and love. The story is presented in a unique fashion, combining straight story telling with a series of letters, allowing connection with the characters at a greater level. “Gila” is a story I don’t quite understand yet, but is interesting enough that I’m willing to continue reading it until I do. “The Mold in the Corner of the Carpet Store” is another emotional sucker punch, delving into the effects an affair has, not on the person who is cheating, or who is being cheated on, but the person being cheated with. A very powerful yet subtle story. However, the excerpt from the carpet laying manual disrupted the emotion too much for me, I actually skipped over it. “The Myrmidon” is an intense psychological story which delves into the mind of the protagonist who has recently lost his mother and has a bizarre obsession with the Ancient Myrmidon. Another powerful ending. “Wolf News” explores a community and country’s reactions to a serial killer, but twice removed, through the eyes of the young protagonist. It throws a harsh light on American patriotism, studying racism and the corruption of the innocence, as well as greed, murder and egotism. “Park Life” is a wonderful story with a powerful moral. Probably one of my favourites, with the idea of the heavy object in the bag representing a motivation for change and a way to bring out the best in people. A nice element of mystery in this story too. “A Trial of Sorts” studies morals by looking at the case of a paedophile through the eyes of the prosecution lawyer. What makes this story interesting is the conversation going on throughout the story between the protagonist and an unknown other, perhaps God, perhaps his subconscious mind. “Looking for a Hobby” is one of my least favourite stories in the collection, but is still interesting in its own right. Samurai swords, guns, and a piggy in the middle between two failing relationships. Finally, and well worth waiting for, the greatest story in the whole collection. “Vita Nova” is about death, love, grief, loss, longing and rebirth. It tells the story of a man cursed to relive his life over and over again until he can live without regrets. All the while, life continues on without him and his wife slowly loses her mind from grief and loss. And intense emotional powerhouse and the longest story in the collection. A perfect way to end the collection.

Not one story in this collection leaves the reader unaffected, which is where Matthew’s power lies. Sometimes you never see it coming, sometimes it’s almost too obvious, but the emotion is always powerful enough to leave the reader wondering “What would I do?” With this collection, Matthew Scott has achieved a goal most authors strive for their whole lives. He has entered the reader’s minds and swayed them to his will. And we’re happily taken along the ride. This collection shows a maturity far beyond his young years and the promise of a long and fruitful career.
As it goes, because of the way this system works. Free copies aren't exactly possible at the moment, in fact a free copy would cost me about 18 dollars + shipping it to wherever.

Like I said though, I can easily refund money, and I can easily give you money back for your purcahse.

So these people:

Kyle Downes
Corey Miller

after you buy a copy just contact me and I'll work something out with you.

Also, I don't know the shipping cost for this thing, just go through the site. Do not ask me, they run everything there.
Sweet God, for express shipping this would cost me $70 american,

EDIT: Ouch, I really want a physical copy, since I hate reading things on my computer, but it's going to cost me over $50 for the cheapest shipping rate, which is around $20. Sorry Matt. Will it be on Amazon or something?
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I don't get why it costs $20 American to send a book here. I bought a book on Amazon recently for someone as a gift, and it cost $4, but the shipping was $16, and it was coming from New York to Toronto!
Yes! It will be on Amazon shortly, within 6-8 weeks, I will update everyone when it arrives.
I know, I'm actually really upset about the price, it has nothing to do with my own greedy ways. Honestly, I was going to put it at 12.95 but the printing cost alone is 11.92.

That factored in with lulu's royalties, and my royalties, and then you get the lowest possible, which I've been trying to get, which is 18.00 dollars.

I apologize, and that's why I'm fully offering a full refund if you don't like the book. I'm totally confident in saying you will and you'll love it, and I know how hard it is to shell out 18+ dollars for this, and I want to make you feel safe in your purchase.
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I'm waiting for it to go on amazon so I don't have to pay $30.
Hopefully I'll get for like $25ish or less then.
Either way I'm buying it then.
Promises meant a lot back then.
please remove this thread. i'm truly sorry, there are things i need to sort out, i am not happy with this book, the price of it has completely upset me, i have just learned that the quality and content of this book is not up to par with what I want people to be reading.

thank you, i will be taking the book down for the time being, i apologize for those that looked forward to reading it, it will be up in a very different way soon.