I have two MIM strats at the moment one of which I'm getting ready to sell. The thing is, I somehow broke the nut on the one I'm gonna sell on accident while re-stringing it. I could just buy another basic nut but I am wondering if I should get a graphite or a LSR rolling nut, put it in the strat I want to keep and put the leftover nut in the strat I'm selling. Are Fender LSR nuts good? Will I have to do any routing for it to fit or will it slide in without altering the neck? I don't mind spending a little money (especially if it helps keep the guitar in better tune).
Nice title (you're gonna love my nuts). If the nut you want is designed for strats specificly, it should be okay to put on a new one, and if they are both strats, then you probably wouldn't do any damage by transplanting a nut. Also, you could always take the guitars to a store if you don't want to replace the nuts yourself.