EDIT: Okay now the song is much more suitable to be claimed as the mathcore genre I think its turning out nicely for my first try at anything like this. .

C4C. The bigger your crit the bigger mine.

Update: New version.
Mathcore Aug 2.gp5
Mathcore Aug 2.mid
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i think that is a sick little riff dude. I wasn't necessarily a fan of the drumming but the way the guitar parts intertwined was neat. you made the 3/4 measures sound like they weren't in 3 which was cool. depending on where you take it, it could be a number of genres.
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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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thanks bro. Yea im not that great at making drums sometimes its always a hit or a miss for me especially when im not sure what im going for.
Hopefully more people will put some input into this . Thanks again.
would you mind taking a look at my song actually? its like halfway down the page
Quote by shakin'cakes
First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

Quote by Highway60Bob
I want an amp good for playing hippie tunes. I want it to be an actual amp, not a tube amp.
I in general dislike mathcore, but the actual melody in the song made it much more listenable. In fact, that riff was pretty damn good. I didn't have too big of an issue with the drums, except for after awhile the drums would sound of time in the main riff I dunno.
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well i got rid of the old drums and have new ones thanks for responding to my crit .. unlike 50% of the UG community xD.
added a lot more. Definitely becoming more of a mathcore project.
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I'm not a fan of this genre but I'll give my best un-biased review of it =D

The intro riff could be a good hook, I like how you didn't stick with the standard "swaying" kind of drum beat 3/4 rhythms usually come with but still got it to work.

The second riff is decent, nothing really to complain about but nothing spectacular either.

I like the riff starting on bar 22, but I think you could spice it up with a couple harmonies or doing something a little different with the rhythm.

I like the solo, but I think the first two bars are a little awkward coming from the previous section so try working on that a little.

I'd actually like to see this one when it's finished, i'll give it a 7.5 or 8/10.

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Loved the opening guitar riffs. Both guitars worked really well together, and the melody was very memorable.

Can't say I cared too much for bar 13, it seemed like it wasn't really needed.

The bit at bar 22 was wacky. Not a bad wacky, but just kinda out there. It feels like it's missing something though. Maybe some kind of counter riff with the other guitar or something?

The bit at bar 30 was both good and bad at the same time. I like the idea, especially with what you had the second guitar doing, but I wish you had resolved the tension every other bar instead of just droning this tense sound out for a full 7 or 8 bars.

I really liked the solo. Not for what it is, but what it could be. I find that those kind of loose freely played solos are next to impossible to tab in a way that sounds good in guitar pro, but would sound absolutely fantastic on a real instrument.

I did not like the drums. They were too jerky and random for my liking. I'm not sure if it's the genre or the way you've done it, but they're just not providing a constant flow.

Still the riffs are great, and I'm interested to see what you come up with for the rest of the song.
Thanks dude your crits always help a good bit. I like the ide aof the counter riffs at bar 22 I agree that should be done.
Solo was awesome. Everything was awesome but bars 29-35. I strongly dislike those "doo doo doo beep" scene kid "Dischords" or whatever.
lol scene kid disonant chords? xD... sorry that made me laugh. thanks for the crit
Scene kid chords. You know where its like doo doo doo beep. the 7 on the G string and 4 on the b string or whatever. That the devil wears prada hxc stuff.
lol they arnt scene?.. xD..... its just intense disonance.
there is no such thing as scene kid anything. xD...... Not in music at least loooooooool.
Fantastic peace, id love to lay down some vocal tracks, sounds very modern Norma Jean, fantastic work man. Measure 29 on is brilliant. I dont know if this is true mathcore, but I love this.

I suggest you finish this though, your going hard in the right direction.
I believe measure 29 on should be expanded on, it has a good feel.

The solo is a bit random but it fits really well if its kinda in the background.
More of an ambient noise then a full on solo. I'd like to hear this imporved keep going!

7/10 now.

10/10 finished.

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Scene kid chords. You know where its like doo doo doo beep. the 7 on the G string and 4 on the b string or whatever. That the devil wears prada hxc stuff.

The Devil Wears Prada never uses Minor 2nd's?
Its bands like Norma Jean, Attack Attack, and Underoath.
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I have to say, I haven`t listened mathcore before.
I think that the disonant chords are very excentric, for some people sounds nice, for other, I doubt. Personally I like it.
Some riff sounds a bit random, I think.
But I have to congrat you for the principal riff, it was very cool.

Thanks for crit my song, and I apologize for my bad english.

Stay in music!
Wow. This was incredibly interesting. As far as matchcore goes, you pretty much nailed it. A lot of this sounded like it belonged somewhere between the Fall of Troy and Dillinger Escape Plan.

The first thing I noticed was the use of 3/4 meter. Rarely do I see anybody actually write a song in odd meter. Usually, its a riff in odd meter, or an extension of or transition between riffs in odd meter, but rarely an entire song written around an odd pulse. Kudos on the creativity.

The first riff is very enjoable. It's extremely dissonant, but somehow melodic and playful sounding. It's quite honestly, just catchy, something hard to achieve when writing in a 3/4 mathcore style.

The riff at bar 9, and all its repitions, I felt, were the weakest of the song. That being said, the riff still was by no means bad, just a little too straightforward for the offbeat chaos the rest of the song entails.

The section beginning at bar 21 is simply wonderful chaos, although I think the actual sense of the song is lost occasionaly. The use of the odd blast beats (where the snare hits on syncopated beats rather than quanized ones) may be a little too much, but I've never been much a fan of odd blasts. Also, the segway back into the main riff is seamless and well-executed.

The solo. I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, it manages to be melodic and concise as far as mathcore solos go (seeing as there are, as a rule, almost none in existence), but the strange pulse makes some parts feel rushed, accidentally offbeat, and just a little too odd at times. I think the solo itself is fine, but a straighter pulse in the rhythm section might clear things up a bit.

The beginnings of the last riff at bar 57 sounds promising. I'm imagining some groove-oriented half-time pattern is going to be applied there, but I could be wrong. Regardless, that is what I would suggest, as a weclome reprieve from the craziness preceeding it.

Overall, you've captured the genre in its ****ed-up, chaotic glory. It needs finishing, but the song, as is, stands almost without need of correction. I look forward to hearing the finished piece.

Mind giving my new one a look?

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thanks dude ur crit helped me more than anyone else that crited (no offense to the rest of you. you helped but most of you claimed to lack familiarity with Mathcore.) I'll be sure to give you a pretty full crit.
I really enjoy the intro riffs. But when it gets to bars 21 through 28 the drums don't really fit. I really enjoy the section right past though, I feel it creates a lot of tension that is resolved in the end.

please crit mine.
grok it.


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