Why on Earth do Linkin Park always play guitar dropped a half step down?

I find this when looking for their tabs, and its annoying because I have to tune my guitar down a half step to play THEIR songs, then tune up again to play DIFFERENT ones.
Why do they do this?
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makes it easier to sing with
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If you have a second guitar, tune that to Eb permanently.

If not, then just live with it.
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perhaps the singer sings a semitone lower in THEIR songs than other singers singing DIFFERENT songs/
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What's wrong with half a step down, you can play other songs that are in standard half a step down, it just sounds deeper, it's not exactly life threatening.
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Because they want to make you angsty and listen to their music.

In actual news, because they want to? The lower tuning facilitates vocal ranges better? You could always, I dunno... just play their stuff in standard, unless you're playing along to the actual recorded songs.
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Question 1
Why did Hendrix and SRV do it?
Question 2
Why the hell do listen to/play linkin park songs.

Don't forget GNR, Van Halen, Metallica, and others.

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dude seriously? when they made w/e song they thought of what would sound best, not the trouble it may cause people guitar covering it? boo ****ing hoo, get over it.
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Also, tuning down a step takes some tension off the strings and makes it easier to fret notes, meaning you can play faster. Not that Linkin Park is known for their ability to shred...