Welll I'm done with my current college and going to transfer to another just for the major I'm doing, and I have a ton of books that the school won't buy back for some dumb reasons? What do you guys usually do with them? Just keep them? thanks
I give them to people who take the class after me, usually ask for half the price, just keep it in a newish condition, so the professor wont be a dick about using a used text book
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seriously my wife use to buy text books all the time thier and got a few good deals
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No, I mean your current college just stopped using the textbooks period and has moved to another edition, my college has a rep of doing that, if your in spring, better sell the book fast cause then the Fall people taking it get stuck with the book before the new one comes out.
half.com...its owned by ebay but not an auction, just list it for the price you want (list low and you'll sell it quick)...other colleges will be using the edition
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I just sell mine to people taking the course next semester for cheap, our school has a classifeds website for that. I'm keeping most of mine as proof I actually did something in school... haha.
ebay / half.com or recycle...
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Try amazon and stuff.

I've got a few left over that the school quit using.

And whoever said to keep the book in newish condition.. Why would a professor care if you use a used book? Most of my professors encourage us and even check older editions to see what is usable.
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i have a book fight with my roomate obviously
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sell them to other kids that go to your college and need them

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Well, around here there is a used books store that will buy them back.

You can also buy your textbooks from there for much cheaper than you normally would.
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college bookstores are the biggest scam ever. you're lucky if you get half what you paid for back (the more books they buyback, the lower the buyback price goes) and as TS says, they change editions every year to year and a half so alot of the time they dont even buy them.

usually i just keep them especially if its something that i could use for reference later. any novel type book i dont even try to sell back. id rather have another book to add to my library than sell it for $3-5.
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Sell them on ebay, I'm sure other students wouldn't mind some second hand books at a reduced price.
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Considering all my text books are art history and I find it really interesting, I keep them and read them. Being stuck with a math book would blow, though.
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I've just become friends with a couple of guys a year younger than me from my hometown and I sell them all my books when I'm done with them

edit: though I have a 700 page "Introduction to electromagnetics" that I can't bring myself to sell for some crazy reason
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