Okay, i'm not much for posting video's, but in this case, it deserves it.

My microwave just randomly beeps at me! I don't know why, it just starts beeping out of no where! what the f*ck? We've had it for over a year and its always done that, it'll still nuke your food, but with an attitude.


do any of you have similar problems?
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They're heeeeere
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I you for posting this.

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When you make a video, you might want to turn the lights on. Especially with a camera of that quality.
Why don't you show that son of a bitch whos boss and beep right back. Are you honestly going to sit there and take sh!t from a microwave?
"And when you unplug it, it still doesn't work."


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"And when you unplug it, it still doesn't work."

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A couple of blown transistors is all it takes for that to happen.
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Unplug it and see if it sill does it, and if it does, then you'll know its possessed
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So did you just have a huge powerful lightning storm, TS?


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I only play bots. Bots never abandon me. (´・ω・`)

stick a steal cross in it. that should get the demonic spirits out.