I'm looking at my options to get a new electric guitar. Price range can go up to 1000 dollars (or slightly more, depending on how worthy it is).

I currently try to play sort of metal / shredding styles, prog Dream Theater, Metallica, Nu Metal stuff. So my perfect guitar would have:

- 24 frets
- Floyd rose
- Mahogany body (heard Basswood is the best)
- Floating bridge (Floyd rose or a good licensed bridge)
- 2 humbuckers or 2 humbuckers + single coild (H-S-H).. passive pickups, not active.
- Strat body ideally though I don't absolutely require this. But no V stuff
- Must look good and I don't want it to be all black
- Good neck for shredding
- Ideally neck through but not necessary

So after some reading I liked some Ibanez models though they're all basswood (RG2570 and RG550). The new mahogany S models are said to have sustain issues though these are mahogany. RG mahoganies cost an arm and a leg new...
I liked the looks of the ESP Horizon although I can't seem to find these with passive pickups and I have never tried the neck myself..
Then I found Schecter to have a C1 model with Seymour Duncans but I heard the neck is quite thick... almost like a Les Paul. I tried a Les Paul once and it didn't go all too well..

Am I missing some nice options out there ?
i got s series and i have no problem with sustain at all i love them best guitar ever
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i got s series and i have no problem with sustain at all i love them best guitar ever

me to get one
Well, some options i know:

B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST and Assassin PX3T (strat style body):

Both have 2 Rockfield Mafia Humbuckers, Nato body (similar to Mahagony), Original Floyd Rose tremolo, Mockingbird comes in red and honeyburst with quilted maple top, Assassin is black with white binding, both are neck-through and good for shredding I think.

Otherwise take a look at some high-range Ibanez models.
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Neck is perfect. Great sound, all mahogny neckthorugh, 24 frets. Black or white!
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Ibanez RG1570
Ibanez RG1520

Doesn't have a mahogany body but meh you have to take a compromise somewhere.
Thanks a lot for the answers guys! I'm going to look into the options!

Can't seem to find any Carvin shop in the Netherlands though... might go for either an Ibanez or a Schecter... most likely Ibanez cause most of the Schecters have active pickups which I wanna try and avoid (there's a few models with passive Seymour Duncans but again in the Netherlands they're not so easy to come by)
Talk to T.C. Ellis
about his Mantis 1 & 2 options. He'll customise anything and keep the price down to reality.
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this isnt a fun job
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