Hey, I feel like building a kit in the winter months do give me something to do, however I want to spend as little money as possible. Who sells the cheapest kit, preferably one where I don't need to drill much, or go through a whole sanding process, but I will if I need to.

The only thing it must have is a stoptail.

Post a link, and if I need to buy any accessories, tell me them too.

These guys have good deals and great kits.. I just built one and it turned out sweet. Still doing the finish work though. http:/www.creativespecialtydesigns.com
These guys were super friendly and helpful and the shipping was very fast!
^this non working link

and also check grizzly.com
although I have never tried any of these kits. you really can't tell what your getting until its too late. most likely all the hardware is made in china. but thats true for almost all these cheap kits.
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