Had it on layaway for a couple weeks and finally got enough to pay it off today! It's a hell of an upgrade from my Squier Strat Apologies for the crappy pics, older camera and I'm a lousy photographer. I made the images clickable thumbnails so I don't rape anyone's bandwidth or anything like that.

im a sucker for a nice les paul copy, GOOD JOB!!!
Electro Metal???

p.s. why doesnt jay turser make a v copy that doesnt look like complete sheeite???

btw, how does it play, sound, feel?
Electro Metal???

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I love Jay Turser les pauls.

Great neck, thinner than a Fender but thicker than a Dean. Great pickups, hardware and looks.

I almost bought a maroon one with gold hardware. Same vine inlay. Pretty damn sexy.
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the pickups match the paint job?!?

or its a crappy cam illusion

Crappy camera illusion, all the hardware is gold.

As for sound/playability and whatnot, the action is set a bit higher than I'm used to, haven't decided if I want to lower it or not, I'm gonna play with it where it is for a bit and see which I like more. I'm very happy with the sound I'm getting out of it, as I was primarily looking for more output than the single coils on my Squier and this quite handily blows them out of the water, but it still cleans up pretty well. And it feels amazing to me. I actually went to the store with a friend a couple weeks ago to help him look for an upgrade from his Squier starter pack with no intention of looking for anything for myself but when I saw this I had to play it. After playing it I thought it was out of my price range, but lo and behold it wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought and here it is, in my own home just 2 short weeks later
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HNGD. I had a Jay Turser for awhile. It was decent. That looks great, happy NGD.
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Thanks everybody, I'm really happy I've been waiting two years for a NGD and couldn't be happier
HNGD, it looks great!
I love the fretboard inlays.
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Congrats. I love Jay Turser guitars. I have several they IMO are right up there with the Epis Agiles and other guitars in that bracket just less expensive.

What model is that? I have never seen a trans black with quilt top and that inlay work before!!