I'm going to be buying/making my first tube head before next year (probably)... it's important that it sounds good heavily distorted, but sounds at least decent clean. I'm into a lot of doom metal/hard rock/other metal and after listening to some Sunn amps on Youtube (I only heard about Sunn because Sunn O))) uses them ) I liked their tone. I could probably build a Sunn Model T for around $500 (hopefully)... I don't know, any other suggestions/feedback on Sunn stuff?
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As far as i know, the Model T is a really clean amp, and you have to crank it to break it up... Again this is just what i've read.. Never actually played one, i say just get some Laney and a nice fuzz pedal and your golden.
try a laney vc or tt and get a decent distortion pedal

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